Proof of Guarantee

Fiélli products are all covered by a specific guarantee, subject to original proof of purchase (delivery). We therefore kindly ask you to keep the original proof of purchase (delivery) together with this Fiélli Product Guarantee in a safe place in order to validate your guarantee. In the unlikely event of any claims arising – the onus is on the purchaser to produce the original proof of purchase. The guarantee is void without an original proof of purchase. Please read the Terms & Conditions of this guarantee carefully.

Terms and duration

Your Fiélli product is covered, under normal household use and conditions starting from the date of delivery.
Any request for assistance under this guarantee shall be made through the branch from which the purchase was made and shall require a dated proof of delivery. The request of service must be made promptly following the discovery of any alleged defect;
If the defect is reported to us within seven (7) days after delivery for visible defects claimed at the time of delivery, the goods will be exchanged. If the goods are collected by the customer the defect must be reported before the goods are taken away at the time of the collection.

Any defect discovered after the 7 days

The cushioning, stitching, mechanism and suspension system (webbing & springs) are covered for one (1) year;
The internal frame construction is covered for a period of five (5) years;
If any manufacturing defects are found within these periods Fiélli will thereafter repair or replace, at its sole option, any part of product determined, if necessary by a Fiélli representative, to contain such manufacturing defects relating to frame construction, mechanisms, workmanship or cushioning. We advise the purchaser that softening of cushioning should be expected as a result of normal use and is not to be confused with loss of resiliency due to defects in constructions or materials. The remedies provided under this guarantee shall be the exclusive remedies available for claims of alleged defects in material or workmanship. Fiélli makes no other warranties, except as provided herein whether express or implied, unless otherwise provided by applicable laws.
This guarantee does not cover any incidental or consequential damage, including loss of time, usage or money.  In no event shall the responsibility exceed the purchase price of the product or its replacement. If identical materials are not available at time of repair, Fiélli reserves the right to substitute materials of equal quality and value.

Exclusions and exceptions

  • Fiélli fabrics and leathers are selected for an expression of modern individuality. While the best possible quality of leather and fabric is selected in each price category, like most upholstery manufacturers, world-wide, our guarantee does not extend to the external covering materials which are expressly excluded from the terms of the guarantee as exposure care and maintenance vary from consumer to consumer;
  • Inevitably some fabrics and all leathers do stretch with usage. This is not a design flaw but a characteristic of the material used and the design of the suite. The fabric and leather will eventually loosen and relax to give your suite that “matured“, comfortable “lived in” lifestyle look. From batch to batch, colour variation may occur. Fiélli cannot guarantee an exact dye-batch match with repeat or add-on orders;
  • Wrinkling or natural markings, variations in grain, or colour variations resulting from the natural features of the leather;
  • Cracking or peeling of the leather;
  • Commercial, contract, rental trade, institutional or other non-residential use;
  • Damage caused by burns, cuts, animals, or other forms of abuse;
  • Damage due to improper cleaning abuse and negligence;
  • Damage due to the application of chemicals, cleaners or conditioners not endorsed by Fiélli;
  • Damage by corrosive materials, such as acids or solvents, or dyes, inks, paints, human or animal bodily fluids;
  • Damage resulting from exposure of the leather to direct sunlight, extreme heat, bright lights or similar conditions and, any resulting discoloration;
  • Damage resulting from improper use, abuse or acts of God;
  • Damage incurred during the handling and transportation of the product;
  • Floor samples sales or sales made on “as is” (Voetstoots) basis;
  • Furniture previously repaired by service centres not endorsed by Fiélli;
  • This guarantee is void if the original Purchaser transfers this guarantee to other parties or moves from the original delivery address;
  • This guarantee applies only to furniture utilised under normal household use and conditions;
  • This guarantee does not cover packaging or transportation costs to and from the branch, or other repair point as determined by Fiélli.

What to do in case of request of assistance

When applying for assistance under this guarantee, the purchaser should contact the Branch from where the product was purchased and submit the claim complete with the Original proof of purchase & delivery note failing this the guarantee is null & void. This must be produced together with photographs that document the fault or flaw claimed.